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How do you know thoughts invading your mind are actually twin flame telepathy?

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This is a very wonderful question! If I had not met my Twin Flame physically, I would assume that I am crazy feeling the connection. I have mental conversations in my mind. I sometimes feel like I am talking to him in my heart as if he is here physically.

Twin Soul telepathy enables Twin Flames to hear each other’s thoughts — you converse mentally. You feel as if you are living in their mind. You can also tell what the other is thinking. Telepathy also enables you to anticipate their emotional needs.

You can sense your Twin Flame’s moods and feelings. Sometimes you know things that you never knew before. You channel your Twin Flame memories. You download chunks of knowledge into each other energetically.

You share an energetic frequency with a signature unique to you and your Twin Flame in the entire universe. You tune in to each other’s energetic channel. The channel is always open like an old-fashioned radio.

The reason why I believe that I telepathically communicate with my Twin Flame in my mind is that it happened to us naturally. It was triggered the first time we locked our gazes. Our souls spoke to each other. We both smiled back at each other. For a moment, we were in awe of what had just happened to us. We sat across from each other in silence.

The days that followed suit were unbelievable. Since we both acknowledged that we could whisper to each other’s souls without speaking, we explored the fact. We could stare into each other’s eyes and communicate. We understood each other without saying any words.

Apart from reading each other’s minds, we dreamed of each other. I felt as if he had downloaded his energy into mine. We dreamed of each other all the time. We texted almost at the same time saying almost exactly the same things. And, we could sometimes complete each other’s sentences. It felt as if we lived inside each other’s minds.

When we physically separated, telepathic communication intensified. It was as if it was upgraded. I felt his energy with me all the time. I felt our connection more intensely.

Twin Flame separation is indeed an illusion.

Stay Blessed!

If you desire a harmonious physical reunion with your Twin Flame, you must make it your daily goal to pursue it. Work hard to fix your life so that you feel ready to be together with your Twin Flame.
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