Does the Twin Flame “torture” ever end?

You may experience the Chaotic Emotions within yourself so that you are cleansed; all the emotional dirt is cleaned out of you for your Authentic Self to emerge.
Awakening to Spiritual Love – TWIN FLAME AWAKENING – A Simple Guide for Newbies.

For Me, I was tortured by my chaotic emotions, the Intensity of the Connection, My denial of what I am experiencing, my expectations of my Twin’s behaviour and Pain from my own insecurities etc. Simple Tips to manage Physical Separation process with your Twin Flame for Recovery & Healing.

Basically, everything that felt out of my control was torture. Plus, of course I missed my Twin partner every single day until I chose to surrender my heart to love.twin-flame-reunion-signs-31TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul

Surrender is a gradual process and I have managed to Slowly heal myself. I can not control the pace of it but I can control my attitude and acceptance of the this spiritual journey and the journey of my personal healing.twin flame reunion signs (10)


I do this by keeping an open heart and accepting what is in the now and I focus on nurturing my own energy through taking care of myself. TWIN FLAME SURRENDER: How To Free Your Soul

I have managed to Learn how to find balance in my emotions, my energy and I have understanding that I can only control my self and my end of the connection. I also have my trust and hope in divine timing. 

The Bliss and Peace that comes with this spiritual growth is continually growing. The more I clear my energy and just focus on me, the more I genuinely feel my Twin get closer to me with their Energy in a strongly loving way in Love.twin flame reunion signs (2)

I’m always asking myself, what can I do to channel this excess positive energy? It replaced the sadness I used to get when I missed my Twin at first because I let go of the neediness and attachment. Twin Flame Self-Love: Energy Healing Practices.

I am free, in Love and Happiness Just flows in me. You will also arrive at healing but it takes learning, and discipline to unite yourself from within. Here is how I healed myself once I woke up to my Twin Flame connection. TWIN FLAME SURRENDER (2)

The connection with your Twin never fades, but only gets better and stronger as you grow in harmony energetically in love.twin flame reunion signs (13)

You will wonder why you took so long keeping yourself in pain by physically trying to make it work with your Twin as you chase them. You will understand your Twin more empathetically. TWIN FLAME BOOK OF POSITIVE AFFIRMATIONS: Soul Growth Inspirations.

Just this understanding and realisation will reaffirm the knowing you already have that all is alright! You already are at Home.

You might also find these Tips useful for your daily inspiration on your journey.

twin flame reunion signs (55)

It’s just a matter of organising your “Home” which I call Energy.

You both need each other to make it work. The blaming and expectations only keep you in pain. Just let go. Accept that you deserve this unconditional love.

Are you new to this experience and you need some simple guide?

Stay in Love!

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