Is it possible for a Twin Flame Runner to fall out of Love with their Twin Flame Counterpart?

How was I going to dissolve my marriage so that I could be with my Twin Flame? I could not resist the pull from the connection, and I knew in my Soul that I had found my Equal Match. From the moment I met my Twin Flame, I knew for sure that I will spend eternity with him. I knew that finally, I found the One that I have been looking for all my life.

You have no control over the matter when you meet your Twin Flame while they are married. Do not feel frustrated when you do not get what you want right away.

Twin Flame Obstacles

Whatever your dreams and desires are for your Twin Flame experiences are, look at yourself in the mirror and declare that you are indeed going to achieve them no matter the obstacles that stand in the way.

Twin Flame Union

Also, there is no guarantee that that you will end up together with your Twin Flame if you divorce your karmic partner but, you will have to go through all the changes that your Twin Flame triggers in your life.

You have to learn to prepare yourself for the Reunion that you are seeking for by trying these simple tips. I am very happy to now know that I will be seeing my Twin Flame again.

Be ready to be judged and scorned upon when you make the needed changes in your life so that you can be with your Twin Flame because you will have to change so that you can have a chance to be with your Twin Flame. The Twin Flame experience will change your life so that you can be authentic in every aspect of it.

What do you do when your Twin Flame partner wants to leave their marriage for you but their husband or wife is still in love with them? — Twin Flames & Karmic Partners

If you believe that they were “running” and that is the kind of energy that you present in the connection, your Twin will Feel unwanted or unwelcome in the connection. You must focus on creating a positive vibe in yourself to create unity and peace within which will bring you peace and balance to embody love in yourself. Try these Simple Daily Positive Energetic Vibrations.

There is no choice in the feeling. Love is love. You can run and hide but you can not escape it. For some of us, it takes a moment to embrace the overwhelming feelings that come with unconditional love once you see it reflected back at your in the eyes of the other half of your soul.

One big lesson for me on this run/chase or push/pull energy dance, it is very vital to keep sending love to your Twin partner. They more you are present in the Connection, the more strength they have to heal and join you in harmony and love energetically. This really helped me with a quick recovery from the physical separation with my Twin Flame. How to Recover from the Runner Soul Shock.

When it comes to the Twin Flame experiences, it is not always good or blissful; sometimes you feel like severing the bond and move on with someone else but no matter how sophisticated your tactics are to run from the Twin Flame connection, you can not stop the cravings and the compulsions to reach out to your Twin Flame.

Twin Flame Runner Awakening Symptoms

If you believe that they were “running” and that is the kind of energy that you present in the connection, your Twin will Feel unwanted or unwelcome in the connection. You must focus on creating a positive vibe in yourself to create unity and peace within which will bring you peace and balance to embody love in yourself. Do you have any Questions about the Twin Flame Runner?

I think that it is judgement to assume your Twin is running or not feeling the love. Love is Two way – you both contribute to the Connection since you are both part of the same soul. There is no distinction between both your energy as you are both bound in unconditional love. Always keep a love space in your heart for your beloved and keep sending love to them, it reminds them of the Love that they are already and it inspires them to grow in love as they feel how you feel.

The reason why you cannot stop thinking of your Twin Flame is that you share a Soul intimacy; it feels like you make love with each other and you feel a Soul Oneness due to the energetic share: Here are some Authentic Signs to know if you have met a Twin Flame.

Also, even though you manage to temporarily switch off thoughts of your Twin Flame, you feel a heart pulling as if they are attracting you to them.

Twin Flame Fun Facts

Love is the most beautiful feeling ever so why would he/she feel it and then wish it away? Maybe it’s because their physical life circumstances are not working with them and makes it harder for them to Love you and themselves.

I stopped believing that my Twin is running from me. Instead I want them to be happy because it makes me happy. I have space in my heart for him. I made stupid mistakes because I could not stay away from him but I apologised and let him know that I meant well when I Constantly chased him. Asking for forgiveness quicker my spiritual healing through surrender.

What happens when you meet your Twin Flame for the first time?: All you need to know about The Bubble Love Phase.

You can only afford to judge another if you have a different point of view. But this twin flame Dance has no sides or perspectives. You are both in this together. If your Twin seems to run, that means they need help with accepting love so use your energy to keep them hopeful and keep reassuring to them that you love them always.

Self-love begins with honoring yourself, your passions, and your daily preferences in each choice that you make for yourself.

I struggled with finding my center when it came to embracing self-love because I did not know how to begin but there is no wrong way to love yourself.

Here are some of the simple practical things that I do to show more love to myself; you can also do it by the way!

Your Love will attract the Love in your Twin to raise their energy vibration to a state of unconditional love to Heal the Past Pain in them so that they accept to deserve your love.


Are you happy about yourself and how you represent yourself when you are in the presence of others?

Soul Healing Tips

You are bonded for eternity and you are teammates in this love journey.

Are you new to this Twin Flame Experience? Or, are you simply looking for inspiration to keep working on yourself so that you can have more progress on your Twin Flame Journey? The Twin Flame Journey can get frustrating, Lonely and emotionally chaotic. Twin Flame Journey Guide.

Audio Books

Are you a big fan of inspiring Audio Books? Try the free Audible here.

Invest time in reading books that uplift your spirit; reading also improves your grammar and expands your imagination.

Learning to read more books improves your growth processes and you evolve as you feel inspired to become the authentic version of yourself.

Favorite Books

I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.

Blessings to you all!

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