Do both Twin Flames experience the Dark Night of the Soul Simultaneously?

Twin Flames are Energetic Mirrors to Each Other

The Bubble Love Phase

After three beautiful weeks of soaking in each other’s energy, it was time for him to go back to his country. I was so full of Love that saying goodbye was a “See you Later”. I was happy that I had found the One who Completed me and finally I was in Love – happy ever after!

This feeling only lasted about three hours: Twin Flame Chaser Pain

Does the Runner Feel you too?

Once his plane disappeared into the thick clouds, I started panicking! My heart was racing fast. He was no where to be seen but I could feel his energy in me. I could smell him. I could hear his laughter. I started just thinking of his eyes and how happy he makes me. Driving back home was the hardest moment of my life!! I was sobbing alone in my shower when I got home.

I also realized that Surrendering to healing is for my own benefit and the more I invite peace and loving feelings into myself, the better I feel in general.

The next morning, I could not hold my feelings. It was so intense, I missed him so much. I could not breathe. I was helpless. I wanted to just explode with the energy! I texted him right way and explained how he made me feel these intense weird feelings and I was overwhelmed. In short, I said I didn’t want to talk to him. wrote back and said he didn’t want to talk either because my message made him uncomfortable. These tips helped me to Recover and Heal from the Pain of Physical Separation.

I had no where to turn. I read articles and articles and watched videos of Love at first sight, this seemed to soothe my Ego but I felt so much more chaos in me than Love.

I started looking at soul mates and it wasn’t enough. Finally, I gave in to look at “twin flames” and it completely described every single emotion I was feeling. This Confused Me a lot and I was more lost and helpless. This is a Guide for you if you are new to the Twin Flame Awakening Experiences.

The dark night of the soul brought up all these dark fears and insecurities that I had accumulated over the years. Most of the Pain I felt, I felt it before but at most times, I did not face the fear head on but suppressed it instead.

Even though the Twin Flame journey is divinely guided, there is a certain power that you have as a Twin Flame to be responsible for the outcomes of your Twin Flame experiences.

The Twin Flame Journey Guide

I was feeling all the Guilt I ever felt in my life. I felt sick to my stomach for no particular illness. I was lonely and longing to be with other divine half. Most of my purging and cleansing felt really Good. I felt more happiness than Pain, I felt a lot of Love underneath all my Tears, sobbing, depression and anxiety. These Traits and Characteristics can tell you if you a Twin Flame Runner or a Chaser.

It’s amazing how we both went through this dark experience also at around the same time. Dark night of the soul from my experience is like purifying Gold. After all the heat, the pure you will come to the surface. Rich, strong and ready to take on Life!

From my Twin Flame Runner Experiences, this is how I overcame the Dark Night Of The Soul.

Meditation brings inner peace and calm by learning to understand the meaning of your Spirituality and divinity.

Soul Healing Tips

Lastly, do you remember the initial encounter?: “The Bubble Love Phase — The first time you both Twin Flames found each other? Remember the positivity energy vibration and unconditional love? You completely feel the same way as the “bubble love phase” but you feel more mature in energy. You now understand why everything happened the way it did. You feel grateful for your hard work and you appreciate your soul lessons.

Twin Flame healing empowers you to transform and evolve into the authentic version of yourself; there is no way around the Twin Flame journey and you must experience all the pain and frustration of purging that past pain that is lodged within you. Self-love Tactics for Beginners.

During separation, he says that he experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. He went into a dark moment of loneliness, pain and he lost some family members. He changed his lifestyle and his work.

The Infamous Twin Flame Separation Phase

I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.


Blessings to you all!

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