How does it feel like when the Twin Flame runner returns for the first time?

Remember that the unified energy of Oneness keeps refining itself; both Twin flames have to heal their runner and chaser energies within themselves because there is no chaser without a runner and vice versa. The fact that Twin Flames share the same energetic blueprint, both know how it feels to be each other.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: Why do Twin Flames Run?
The Twin Flame Runner Perspective. You are always Connected at the Soul.

The runner’s energy starts to pull at the chaser’s energy more intensely than before. It actually gets annoying to the chaser because the energy pull can feel like an intense heartache.

It had been almost a month since he started talking to me (text) after one year of ghosting me. He sent me some sweet kind words appreciating me for being myself. But I could not handle the pressure of having him instantly back in my life, my emotions started to build up in chaos and confusion. I did not know this about me but my Twin triggers my insecurities of abandonment and neediness. 

Texting with him feels so good but at the same time, I’m so afraid of being misunderstood or texting the wrong reply. Once he texted me, my immediate response was that “I am afraid of being bad at this!”. 

A year ago when I sabotaged our communication, I exploded with my feelings for him and suddenly I proposed that I would hide from him. This was my first attempt to run away from all this emotional torment.

He was hurt by this and proposed that we should not talk to each other. 

Our separation helped me to work on myself yesterday facing my insecurities of neediness.

It has been a journey of self learning and soul growth. I have purely rediscovered my true self and I am so grounded in myself. I am ready to embrace unconditional love within in myself. Now I am free to love and be loved back.

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I wish you the best of Luck on your Twin Flame Journey. Everything eventually gets easier as you grow into accepting to embody your Shared Twin Flame Energy.

Blessings to you all!

Stay in Love!

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