Is it normal to wake up thinking of your Twin Flame every day? I’m doing my best to love myself and live, but I can’t stop thinking of him.

Being a Twin Flame feels like you live inside each other because you feel your Twin Flame in energy. You are both one energy operating system, and it affects the aspects of your physical life and the embodiment of your emotions.
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I’m trying my best. At some point I thought that it’s best to think that they “Hate” Me and everything we experienced was a lie so that I can go back to Living my previous old normal Life before meeting him.

My old life was “boring” but I felt like I had control to some degree. Life was more manageable but now I am constantly thinking of him and feeling chaotic emotions that I can not fully control.

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Now, I wake up to the feelings in my heart everyday Single day since I met him. There are times when I go to sleep thinking of him, feel him when I’m dreaming, wake up to wanting him and then back to thinking of him throughout the day. Constantly.

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Sometimes it’s pure Bliss and Joy especially after having good dreams about him. I can feel like my heart is expanding infinitely with love and joy. And then sometimes it’s just sadness, longing, and helplessness. Sometimes it’s a mix of my Feelings and his going through me at the same time like a hurricane.

I guess there is nothing normal out all this this Twin Flame experience. Everyday has its own kind of process.

No matter how challenging this gets, this is the happiest that I have ever been! I feel right at home in myself and I am authentically Me right from the core of my soul. So much change has happened in my life and I am so grateful for who I am.

Now that I’m headed to physical Union after working on myself through constant surrender, my healing has brought me to a place of harmony and balance within myself. I feel complete and at peace with my beloved.

I surrendered to unconditional love. I gave up feeling needy and attached to the connection with my Twin. I stopped being obsessed with our relationship and focused all that energy to recreating the Authentic life that I deserve.

I no longer wait for my beloved to save me, I am my own warrior. I am so happy to say that I am right now living my life in line with my life mission and goals.

Stay Blessed and in Love!

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