My runner twin flame is extremely masculine and stubborn. How can I, as a chaser, be in my feminine energy without chasing him and let him come back to me?

I just found a personal remedy to this! I was stuck feeling like this for a over 2 Months because I thought that chasing him by texting, calling and expressing my feelings would bring him back! It was the total opposite and it hurt a lot!

All this chaos and confusion, it brought me to a point of exhaustion. I felt like I needed to catch my breath from the rollercoaster of this “Twin Connection”. Then I read about “Surrender”, started practicing like most people say and it did not work! I was frustrated, exhausted from my own stress and expectations that I was desperate to make a reality by forcing surrender.

I knew deep down in my heart that I was making my important Life’s choices just depending on how strongly I wanted to be with my Twin Soul. I did not care about the now or what I needed. Only what I wanted. I was running from myself yet chasing him both physically and energetically.

This was wrong and incredibly selfish on my part. I wanted control over the whole connection. I wanted my emotional needs to be met right away and desperately. Little did I know that I am the Love that I have been looking for all my life. The beauty of this connection is that it teaches you unconditional self love in the process.

Because of Separation, I thought that his “Love Energy” that makes me feel loved was all gone because he is gone away from me. I was seeing everything with my mind not with my heart or my soul. Our bod is unbreakable are we are eternally connected forever in love.

How I feel the connection has has Changed, and everything seems to change for the best even in the most difficult Life situations. Once I accept to learn and overcome, I personally feel better. It has nothing to do with my Twin Soul’s physical absence. He is miles away and my happiness is already unconditionally.

Telepathically, my Twin Soul has never left me or made me doubt how he feels for the connection. I took back all my energy, started focusing on the Joys in My Life. Where there is No Happiness, I make it or Create it! I do my best every moment. I take Life simply moment to moment. I accept my Imperfections and I want to help bring goodness wherever I am.

Be you, focus on yourself and let unconditional love grow in you.

Stay Blessed and in Love!

Stay in Love! Blessings xo

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