Why did I let myself be so vulnerable with my Twin Flame? The running behaviour was so unexpected and grieved my Soul. It has me praying I could completely forget him. It’s too painful wondering if it was all just a lie.

Believe in your spiritual healing. It is true, the Twin Flame Journey benefits you more than your natural expectations. You are always surprised by the gifts and the love that manifests along the way.

I’m sorry that you feel this way. For someone who initiated a “no contact” phase – I’m wondering if I left my Twin feeling as frustrated as you feel. I hurt them I know by doing that but I can give you a new perspective maybe it’s how your Twin is feeling. TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

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By then, I had no idea that this was all the twin flame stuff. When he left to go back to his “home”, (2 Different continents) I was Shocked! The Space, Nothing could fill it but HIM!!! It was so antagonising.

On top of this, it’s Like He had initiated something in me that I could not Control. This is what people call Awakening. My Soul was AWAKE and it Wanted all this PURGE – Like a Craving to CLEAN itself – So Strong, Annoying, and Irresistible and Continous. It was RAW and Left me Feeling Vulnerable. Every time I tried to Push it away or Pretend it didn’t exist, the More PAIN I experienced. My God! I had 2 Options either to Hide from it or Give in! Both very Hard Choices in that Moment.

How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

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I was broke, Work Sucked, my Marriage was on the Rocks, My Employees were Misbehaving and Stealing from me. And I had Expanded too Quickly to have 2 businesses 2 hours apart! Then I got an accident and Hurt my Eye. Life was totally UPSIDE Down for me!!!twin-flame-reunion-signs-66

So one night I got drunk and I started FEELING him. Like our Connection was so Clear that I got overwhelmed and Texted Him right away! I was so scared and PISSED off at the same Time because I missed him so and I couldn’t control the Intensity of the Longing! I sent him sort of an Angry Text not at Him but at Myself (Don’t Know how it sounded to Him) how I was Overwhelmed by my feelings.

img_0992I suggested to Disappear and Cut the Connection! He responded with maybe it’s a good Idea! What!!!! This drove me into more – Soul Shock! – I thought instantly that he was Mad at me and Did not feel about Me the way I Remember. I thought that it was all in my Head! I was experiencing what people call – Soul Shock –


Long Story Short. We both went Quiet. 8 months but this period went from my Life Feeling Like it was Upside to Me starting to Appreciate and Being Grateful for Everything I had. I Accepted that I had hit Rock Bottom and the Only way to go was Up! I started picking myself up bit by bit. But still some days were Terrible, others Neutral, Others I could feel extreme Bliss and Happiness and the next day I felt low.twin-flame-reunion-signs-61

TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul

The thing to Note about “Energy Merge” it’s REAL!!! You can not Miss it! For Me it was Terrible Physically. Sometimes when He was “connected “ to me like – LIVE STREAMING- I could not hold the Energy. Always I threw Up!!!! Always!!!! I was not sick or anything. And then the PHYSICAL – Double Heartbeat- I could feel Him and these lasted between 30 Minutes to 1 hour or MORE! I could feel weak and then better. On normal days, I was totally “Love Sick”. So REAL!


The Lingering Longing Both From Him and I always Existed. Until I realised and Learned that I needed to “balance” our Energy thanks to me Research and Reading. All I had to do was ACCEPT that I LOVE Him and that I DESERVE his Love. This was a whole other Process to get some Results! Included accepting myself, accept My Own Love for Myself. Forgiveness for everything and everyone, Physical Fitness, Emotional Immunity, Fix my marriage issues etc.


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2 Months Ago, I could not Sleep because I started feeling and seeing Life as He does somehow. Our Connection had sort of Graduated to Constant Light and Bliss. Instead, I picked up my Phone on a new number, texted him and apologised for Hurting Him. I also mentioned briefly my new Journey with self work blah blah. He didn’t say anything back but Sent me a Reply through Someone else. Because He is Like Me! Hahatwin-flame-reunion-signs-65

Since the Day I Apologised, I’m not Talking to Him but Life has Turned our for the BEST! All my Problems and Challenges did not Magically disappear but I have managed to GROW a Muscle to Solve my Problems one by one with Gratitude, Faith, Trust and Acceptance. The more I do this, the Love and Bliss in Me Sort If Grows in “QUALITY” and I can feel him more with Constant Joy and Bliss. But I have to Keep in the Moment, stay Positive and Believe that I’m special and I feel something that not normally everybody does. Sort of Accepting that I’m Naturally “WEIRD” and Different and Beautiful haha. img_1064TWIN FLAME SURRENDER (2)

I have no idea what’s next for us or me but I have this new Perspective towards Life and I feel Like there is something so much better I can do with the New Me! Something better than what I have been doing all along in Life. I guess if I Meet Him again, We can both Figure out our new “MISSION”. 1 Year it’s been and I stopped “waiting” – But Looking Forward to seeing Him again!


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Stay Blessed and in Love!

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