Why do I feel so much guilt and pain for being a Twin Flame Chaser?

I was in total agony too! Food was tasteless, Life was meaningless, and I did not understand why my Life was feeling like uncontrollable change was turning it upside down – Inside out just because of meeting my Twin Soul.

With all this chaos on the outside, I was constantly in connection with my Twin Soul in energy. I could feel him every second of the day and he is always constantly in my thoughts.

At first, I could not handle the connection. So I told him about my feelings and I “ran” away from him and the connection. On my way out, my Twin said, “maybe it’s a good idea to stop talking!”. He said that it was best if we stopped talking. So instead of running, I started “chasing” him with so much pain, guilt and suffering. I wanted him to treat the situation as I read about it in the novels and I wanted him to say that he misses me the way I do miss him everyday.

I wanted him to say that “he would die for me”, acknowledge to me how he felt right away! It was total pain of just living life without him. I expected him to “Love” me back because for sure our connection is undeniably strong, pure and genuinely designed for Just the both of us. Our love is old and raw.

His soul was saying yes to me but on the outside it seemed like he did not care! I had enough misery calling and getting only voicemails, texting him and no reply.

I was desperate for an answer at least because I did not do anything bad for him to treat me like that. After a while I was beat. tired, and all emotionally dry. I had no gas left to chase him. My first step to surrender was when I gave up like this. Some relief started kicking in after I accepted that I was exhausted from the Chase.

The emotional purge kicked in, pain, loneliness, Insecurities that I did not know I had started rising up from the core of my Soul in form of jealousy, anger, fatigue, sadness, etc.

On days when I gave in to the emotional cleanse and focused on doing good for myself, it felt a little bearable emotionally and I could have small glimpses of bliss. The more I forgave myself, I felt like I deserved the light growing with the connection and that everything was working out for the best, the more better days I had.

But on some days, I could not control the lows of the connection and I could just stay in bed or away from other groups of people and even my friends. I missed him terribly everyday. I could just feel him connect with me through his energy. Even sexual energy.

On low days, I felt constant negativity, unexplained fear, anxiety, guilt and lingering longing for more in life! I kept asking myself, “What’s the Meaning of Life”? I was feeling a lot of helpless and meaninglessness. Like Purgatory.

Once the emotional cleanse” was initiated. There was no turning back to the Old me. Change became the only Constant in my life. I changed everything about my job, friends, hobbies, food etc.

All my guilt and fears being washed away never to return. I was never the same again after I energetically healed myself. I am a fresh new kind of person but the authentic version of myself.

I even prefer to have a clean space or a quiet space than have any unnecessary friends or things that do not serve me any good. I want most of the times just clearing my energy and in meditation.

All this works itself out! It’s like you are following a course that you Already know! You already know the Way to back to YOURSELF and your Twin Soul. And it is as Simple as Self Love. You already know what your Twin Soul Loves about You, Do you Love Yourself?

There is this beautiful connection that you both have that made them attracted to You – Do you acknowledge Your own connection.

I know that Union will happen so I’m focusing on creating the best version of myself. I must have stories to share with him about my growth and journey. I want him to see the change in me because he reflects love back at me as I reflect it back to him.

Stay strong! You have all the power to heal yourself. Leave your Twin Soul alone to heal himself. They are yours already.

Stay Blessed and in Love!

☀️Believe! – Stay in Love!

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