Does my Twin Soul have the same mutual feelings of Love as me? Because they act as if they don’t want me.

Unconditional Love is what sparks this twin flame dynamic, it is the driving force and the end goal . Hate is the opposite of Love and would be defeating the purpose of this experience if it is hate that exists in your connection.

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That would be an abusive relationship. No matter how much they seem to not want you, deep down you know the truth because you keep feeling their love. 

I say that it is True, the pain that exists in somebody can make them seem angry, frustrated and even hateful if you are not prepared for the emotional chaos involved in the Twin journey.

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If also these negative feelings exist in your Twin Flame, it is okay for them to express these feelings to be released.

That is why separation is essential; to give your twin breathing room to figure the connection out by themselves. We bottle up and accumulate so many feelings of guilt in our selves especially society sees as “bad” or “negative”.

We get conditioned by culture, religion, our personal thoughts, upbringing etc that affect the way we accept and appreciate Love. The intensity of this love is so intimidating because it asks of you to strip off all the emotional dirt that one may embody that could have been accumulated over the years.

It can take quite a long time to rise above all the insecurities and past pain to become your true authentic self that can embody unconditional love with the fellow beloved.

I admit that I was angry and frustrated by the situation in which I met my Twin, we both were. I was in unhappy marriage to his friend of over 2 decades. This pissed my twin off. Our physical situation was going against how we felt for each other and there was nothing to do but first work out what needed to be sorted on both our ends.

His Love for me would not let him sit back and watch me get stuck in an unhappy marriage with his friend and he hated the fact that he could not intervene. He knew I had to pull myself out of it on my own. Watching me get emotionally abandoned/abused made him angry therefore he distanced himself from me thinking it would solve how he feels.

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He messaged me Sweet kind words and then told me that “I make him uncomfortable” when I message him and he ran again.

I knew that my “marriage” is the spark of his running so I told him that I was Single for almost a year.

He blocked me again. After blocking me, he called our mutual friend and they had a chat for over 2 hours talking about (literally) Me! He also wanted to confirm if it’s true I’m single.

Love always wins.

For me, I believe that this whole “twin journey” is a test of Faith in Love because two “Souls” that have experienced all their past pain, have complicated histories and a whole different life happening and suddenly they “See” and recognise themselves and can not resist or stay away from each other without any control.

We are all humans and our past experiences are more rough than others, our histories may be darker and even considered unacceptable but this does not stop the experience of twin flames from happening to any individual. It does not discriminate.

Look at it as projecting – your twin Maybe be experiencing the hate and anger for himself and his situation but you feel each other’s energy. You wouldn’t be wrong to feel like there is hate in the connection if they don’t love themselves that much. You both must be Authentic in your own selves; energy to harmoniously merge as a single energetic unit.

You can change all this by Raising your vibrations out of Feelings of Hate.

If you are looking for more inspiration on your journey, please reach out for extra resources to keep inspiring you on your journey.

I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Thank You so much for the Reviews!

I appreciate your love and support.

Stay in Love.

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