How do you send love to your Twin Flame when in Separation?

When you think of your Twin Flame, you feel the bliss within yourself — the fear of not being good enough, the fear of abandonment and personal insecurities are healed within yourself. Therefore, instead of having feelings of running away from your Twin Flame, you feel an attraction towards them instead.
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This trick worked for me but I had to first learn my soul lessons and my responsibilities as a divine partner in our connection for effectiveness.

The first thing you have to remember is that no matter what way your twin soul runner is separated from you, it is essential to stay grounded in yourself and your soul Truth because you can not influence them physically, they will only run further from you.

Staying in your Energy and sending them love will quicken their healing and love realization that you have been with them all along as they are with you.

Remember, sometimes your twin may know how special your love is them but still ignore your messages or ghost you completely.

You can not control how they respond to your love and the connection because personal healing works on its own pace and time.

What do you do to help with the situation?

Respect their Space

This is difficult to do. So challenging because you are connected heart to heart and no matter how much your Twin pushes you away, they love you unconditionally and you can feel it. It beats the human thinking because what they physically do to run can not compare to how the Connection feels.

You can choose to limit how much time you stalk them on social media and invest it in something that helps you with accelerating your soul growth. You can dive into an art class or choose to study a new skill all together.

Send them love

When you are thinking about them or feeling their emotions, send love back in your thoughts.

Here is how you can send love to your runner beloved!

In meditation, think of your love together and who you are to each other. This grows your love bond because you feel the love in you once you focus on positivity.

Instead of missing them, send positive vibes to them. You can thank them for being your twin partner. Appreciate your connection and send feelings of forgiveness.

When sending them a message in texting or email, use Authenticity and honesty because they feel you! This brings them closer to you in connection.

Always tell your runner twin that you love them in every way you can because it grounds their soul knowing that no matter how much they run, they have a home in you.

It is confusing being a runner and everyone can use encouragement and inspiration to keep going towards Union.

Lastly, remember that you are the only partner that your twin has. No matter who they are, once you accept them as your twin Soul, you also accept the responsibility of the challenges and hard work that comes with the journey.

Acceptance will bring you peace and surrender but remember that no everyone is ready to face themselves.

Keep the love overflowing in your heart and keep your heart open to your beloved!

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I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Stay in Love!

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