Is your Twin Soul Married and you feel like running away from the Spiritual Connection?

I could not do it. I tried being friends with him for two weeks but it just sucks maintaining a long distance Twin Flame friendship.
Remember that you tell each other everything, and your Twin Flame will share their deepest secrets including relationships they are having with other people
How To Surrender To Self-Love: TWIN FLAME SELF-HELP GUIDE 11:11

twin flame reunion signs (38)It hurts more if you try to run. Just the effort you are going to put in to hide from love and the hurt you are going to cause to yourself and your twin is going to sting.

Sometimes it’s hard to fix the things that we break when we are afraid or in a chaotic emotional status. HOW TO MANAGE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION.

twin flame reunion signs (85)

41hA7iHg2oLYou are not going to feel better after you run. The truth here is the love you feel in you for your twin and everything else you will do to hide how you feel will only hurt you more. TWIN FLAME AWAKENING 11:11: A Simple Guide For Newbies

It can take you years of running if you want to but to what extent? You are running from how you feel but you are with yourself everywhere you go. The love is in you. You are literally running from yourself. twin flame reunion signs (88)

I was the married one when I met my Twin and everything was strange being married to his friend. He ran from our connection but he never stopped finding clever ways to keep monitoring me.

TWIN FLAME “RUNNER” EXPERIENCE: Always Connected in Soul

twin flame reunion signs (46)Sometimes he calls our mutual friends so that he can ask about me and he does take more than 3 weeks before he checks in. When he can not hold it anymore, he stalks my social media. He blocked me on his but I have a public profile. TWIN FLAME SURRENDER: How To Free Your Soul 

twin flame reunion signs (21)

Whether you stay or run, you will still love your twin unconditionally and it hurts more if you are not able to communicate in a healthy way because you both need each other’s support.

I took me a while to crawl out of my marriage and in that time of over a year, my Twin was nowhere. He was just in hiding.


twin flame reunion signs (81)It sucks because your twin is physically unavailable but it is part of your tests and life lessons. Look closely at your situation because you know the answers already.


I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

I appreciate your love and support.

Stay in Love!

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