Why would a Twin Flame run away with no explanation, ignore Me, and act like I don’t matter?

This was like a stab in the heart for me. When it happened, I was so confused as to why there was a sudden change in my Twin Flame. I had not done anything to wrong them, I only meant to say how much I love him.

I cried, wailed, mourned and grieved my soul to the core. I was in shock by our sudden physical separation and on top of this, he was not talking to me.

I could not stop thinking of our time together and how our energy melts into each other as if we are in our own world. I missed him terribly.

My life circumstances were not good, I was going through a divorce, I was healing from an accident etc, I needed my best friend and the best part of me, my twin flame.

Even if he was not responding to my texts, I wrote him a very long letter explaining my awakening, and I thanked him for Ignoring me and hiding from me because it made me stronger to focus on healing myself. I told him about my future aspirations, my goals, and dreams to simplify my life and also focus on my life mission.
Twin Flame Chaser Pain: How to Recover from Separation

Fast Forward; now that we are headed for Union, the stories I have heard from his side of the connection are overwhelming. Twin Flame Awakening Guide for Newbies

This whole time he had been quiet, he has been experiencing moments of pain. He lost his someone dear to him, some of his friends passed away in a bazaar way, he has been traveling to different countries to find peace within himself. He had to change his friends, his work and disconnect from some of his family.

I don’t know how you would call this but after two years of being physically separated, I went through so much pain and I am now happy on my own, I am starting to grow feelings of running from him again. I am wrestling with the fact that I want peace in my life, and I am trying to get my Twin Flame out of my mind, and out of my heart — This is proving to be impossible because my Soul is not agreeing with me.

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Sometimes my heart area warms up and it feels like a burning sensation. 
Sometimes I deliberately send love feelings to him in my heart hoping that he would receive them.
I have learned over these three years to keep my heart open whenever I feel like I am receiving love feelings from him.
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Missing a Twin Flame feels like you are missing a limb. It is like life is meaningless. 
After you experience the intense love feelings from your Twin Flame, all you want is authentic love. 
All your fake friends, you let them go because they do not vibrate at the same wavelength as you do.
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Ha! The Twin Flame heartache! 
I always hold my chest when I cry about missing my Twin Flame. Sometimes, it gets very unbearable that I physically get a heartache that I hold on the left side of my heart.
I can not tell you how excruciating it is when I miss my Twin Flame. Life becomes very unbearable that I feel hopeless and restless.This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_6941.jpg

How to Manage the Pain of Twin Flame Physical Separation
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I was the light for him in all this. All this change was worth it because I challenged him to become a better person. His memories of me, us kept him strong and I was the one reason that made him get out of bed on really bad days.

He wanted me to be safe and comfortable so he found clever ways to watch over me. He kept in touch with our friends.

I used to send to him very long letters pouring out my feelings and he never responded but he loved hearing from me that is why he blocked me everywhere but not our messaging.

Once in a while he could thank me for the good work on myself as a response from my social media. This was the most direct form of communication that we had.

I thought I had had it rough this whole time he had ghosted me but hearing his side of the story was much more intense than I experienced.

I was feeling more empathetic towards him and I wished I was more supportive during the time I judged him for running. I realized that we are One person and it is So Crazy but very true. All along, I was judging him for wanting to have space to deal with our experience.

Twin Flames & Karmic Partners: Lessons of True Love

After I heard his side of the story, I was feeling unworthy of his love because I was selfish when I judged him yet he is the one person I love the most in this world. I would have given him all the space he needed if I had known better.

The only person you can control in this situation is Yourself. You can not control how your Twin processes his journey or how he responds to unconditional love.

As long as you keep a healthy boundary and respect each other as divine partners, you are eternally bound together forever. Do your work on your side of the connection and strive to become your best version possible.

TWIN-FLAME-SURRENDER-Free-Your Soul: Learn to free your soul and let go of stressing about your Twin Flame journey.

Your best version of yourself attracts your twin back to your love.

You can not judge the one you love. You want the best for them even when they act in hurtful ways but when you love someone, you accept them no matter what and work towards helping them to become better with life.

Pain makes people respond to life in different ways and if you keep judgement out your situation, you will realize that both of you are not any different from each other.

You are one soul and no matter how your situation is happening, you both experience the alchemy of the connection.


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I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Stay in Love!

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