Remembering the Love that you share with your Twin Soul is the Compass to healing on this Spiritual Journey

It is until I reached the realization phase of my journey after totally letting go of my fears and attachment to the connection that it all made sense.

That brief time I spent with my Twin when we found each other, we gave each other answers and pointers to our healing in Separation.

You must remember that person that you are when you are together. The goal for this spiritual process is for you to become that loving balanced person that you already are when you are fully merged in peace and harmony with your Twin partner.

But you must achieve this harmony in you on your own. You must feel that peace and balance that you have when together.

We both triggered each other to initiate Spiritual awakening of our souls and the map for going through this challenging time was what we talked about, our encouragement for each other to grow and motivating each other to change.

Remember your Life Goals and Aspirations.

My Twin and I, our goals and dreams align perfectly together. When we talk about our aspirations, we both know that together we create magic.

That being said, when my Twin met me, I was lost, off track and life was meaningless. I was starting to give up on my dreams.

Once we found each other, I immediately felt empowered to dream again, to be creative and look at life with fresh eyes. I became alive and life was worth living again.

Then when we separated, I lost my way again because I was blinded by my fears and pain that my Twin had triggered. But my healing has been accelerated when I started remembering what my Twin and I talked about as our aspirations.

Slowly, I changed my job and started on investing my time doing things that bring meaning to my life like helping people. When I heard about his side of things, he quit his job too to find meaning as we used to talk about it.

We also Inspired each other to Change and Grow for the best.

When we were together, we were constantly learning about life and each other together and we also had each other’s back.

In Separation, the life lessons have been all about change and growth. I now finally realize that I did not need look any further from what I already know as I went searching outside myself.

Remember the Bliss & Peace.

When we are together, there is this infinite feeling of bliss, peace and euphoria that we bring to each other.

I was so desperate to maintain that peaceful connection that I constantly chased him after we separated. I was missing him terribly and life was meaningless.

My healing has taught me that I all I had to do was grow that peace within myself first on my own to fully stay in constant balance and control of myself.

I have had the answers all along. All I had to do was remember who I am when we are in Union.

Thank you for the read! Stay in Love.

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