What happens to a Twin Flame who awakens while they’re in a relationship with someone else?

I wanted to just drop my marriage and follow my Twin. I was sad that I felt alive being around someone outside my marriage and the guilt ate me up for not feeling the same with my then husband.

41hA7iHg2oLI started to chase my Twin after we physically separated but deep down I knew that I had to work on myself and my outside circumstances to be happy together. Here is how I handled our physical separation: How to manage Twin Flame Separation: A Guide to Recovery and Healing.

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I had tried to leave my marriage several times before I met my Twin but I kept coming back to it because of my personal insecurities and fear of being alone.


The more my twin shut me out, I ran out of clever ways to chase him and none of my friends could understand my situation. twin flame reunion signs (36)

I found the courage to leave my marriage, separated my personal life from my husband even if we still work together.

I started picking up the broken pieces in my life but by bit until I found my Authentic Self on my own without physical presence of my Twin. Twin Flame Self-Love Practices: Energy Healing Tips. twin flame reunion signs (81)

I had not spoken to him in over a year but I still love him like the first time I met him.

I am completely a new Human being happy in my own authentic self. Almost after two years, Union is around the corner. TWIN FLAME SURRENDER: How To Free Your Soul

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Stay Blessed!

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