What are the physical signs that Twin Flame Union is near?

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They contact you and communication starts to flow as if you never separated at all.

When your Twin reconnects with you, it is even much better than before because you will realize how mature they have become. You will also be surprised by how much growth and change occurred in their lives after separation. Healing happens on both ends of the Connection.


You feel like you are completely your Twin in energy and in love. You will start feeling a sense of peace, unity and harmony within yourself. You will feel completely ready to face your Twin because you will be ready to embrace unconditional love within yourself.

You start to vibrate energetically in a state of unconditional love. You start to align yourself with friends, people and things that bring out the best in you by expressing unconditional love to everyone and everything not just your Twin. You will attract genuine love from everyone around you.

You start getting your physical space ready for Union with your twin. You will start cleaning your living spaces, purge your house and organize it in a way that serves to host both you and your Twin if they are coming back to where you are. You will just be ready to accommodate them effortlessly.

These are some of the signs from my Journey. I hope my examples help.

You are already doing great so keep up with the good work!

Stay in Love!

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