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For me right now it’s the Telepathy. It is so so strong and real that I thought for a second that my Twin partner was sitting right next to me.

One thing I have learned about Union is that you do not need to know if your partner is ready on their journey for you to feel ready to unite with them. Once you start uniting yourself, you realize that you have enough power and love in you to heal whatever needs to be healed in your connection.

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This new feeling of empowerement gives you more courage to stay grounded in your own self. Instead of the Fear that was blinding you before, unconditional love starts to spread in you that you start to actually See!

I got that moment where I said to myself; now I see, now I actually understand.

I now understand my place in the world, my life mission, the meaning of my life, love makes sense, and feeling happy is a genuine part of myself that I don’t think about it at all.

I appreciate being separated from my Twin because I really had to move a lot of junk from my life for me to clearly understand who I am.

Funny thing is that after all this pain and healing, I would still do it over again because everything about it is spiritual and for my own soul.

I have faced so many moments of weakness in my self that I now understand the meaning of inner strength. I appreciate myself for not choosing to quit in the most trying moments.

I am also grateful for not running from Love and situations that were so challenging and the easiest option was running but I stayed and faced my fears, pain, grief, loneliness, guilt, anger and feelings of being separated from the human collective.

I am not afraid of being alone.

This state of bliss and unconditional love is growin in myself replacing the space that was occupied by fear and loss as before.

Sometimes I get overwhelmed by the intensity of the emotions and feeling that I get from my Twin because we have completely merged energetically as one unit.

I used to long for him, now I just get to a quiet place and feel his love. Once I am in a state of complete, harmony, my Twin energy just hangs out with me as if we never physically separated.

One lesson learned about our love, it’s more than unconditional, it’s old and always existed in both my twin and I. We don’t have to chase it or long for it or miss it. It is part of who we are always.

Separation teaches you to be patient with yourself when thinking, believing, or even when you are sad. Don’t be to quick to judge yourself when things are not working.

It takes you Separation and Your Twin to realize that you and your twin just need to feel ready to Claim your love.

It is unfortunate that most circumstances may not allow it but you need to be patient. As you wait for your turn to happen; believe, hope, keep the faith and continuously keep moving forward on your Journey.

Nothing is easy because you can not control the pace of a spiritual process but Keep acknowledging your achievements and good work on your growth.

Love your Twin no matter what; you both want the same thing. You are on the same Team and the universe in in your corner.

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Blessings ☀️

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