In the Twin Flame community, there is a lot of advice about following your heart and intuition/inner guidance. How can I be sure I am doing this and not just deluding myself?

Simple, what do you believe?

Faith is the most essential weapon when you are on this spiritual cleansing process.

You do not need to be part of a certain religious or spiritual affiliation to experience the Twin Flame Journey and most of the experiences that happen to you are so unique that you start to question your own sanity.

For all those who have had some of this cleansing experiences, they will tell you that underneath all the questions, the pain, the uncertainty, the hopelessness and doubt, there is a genuine Guide in the core of your own being that guides you through your inner knowing and faith.

This genuine guide for me used to be a voice in myself working with me. This is what most people call a gut feeling or intuition. The voice is so honest and true that it defies you when you are wrong sometimes.

Once I met my Twin Flame, this inner voice or intuition is stronger because I feel like it is my higher self. This is the part of me that interacts with my twin in meditation, telepathy, dreams etc

After meeting my Twin, the voice switched, I don’t hear my inner voice anymore and instead I hear his! This makes me wonder if he is also hearing mine. (Call this voice or intuition – Essence)

Both our essences are so intertwine that his higher self is constantly talking to me. Once I healed myself, we are constantly connected both in thoughts and feelings.

Once I Surrendered to unconditional love, I let my Twin’s essence and higher self consume me.

I don’t miss him anymore because it’s like he is living my life already. His essence fills me up completely that I don’t need his physical imperfect human self.

Intuition is your inner truth. Your guide and best friend. It is so much amazing when you can feel the essence of your Twin too.

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If you need some more inspiration for a fresh perspective on your Twin Flame Journey, here you go! All the Tips that I share worked for me to heal within myself to find peace and harmony. I am available if you would like to chat more about your experience. Thank you so much for your blessings. I hope that you may find Insightful information to give you a fresh perspective on your Twin Flame Journey. HOW TO MANAGE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION: A Guide For Recovery & Healing eBook: Silvia Moon: Kindle Store

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TWIN FLAME SELF-LOVE: Energy Healing Practices – Kindle edition by Silvia Moon. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Thank You so much for the Reviews!

I appreciate your love and support.

Stay in Love!

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