Has anyone experienced dry heaving/vomiting but you knew it was your twin flame? I say this because I got instantly sick with no reason (I’m a nurse). It felt like throat chakra/fear clearing. I knew it must’ve been my DM.

Omg! I am so relieved that you are a medical practitioner because every time this has happened, I sound so crazy to say that it’s a connection thing!

Yes, lately I have managed to handle the intensity of it but still I find myself holding my chest to resist the vomit.

My God! Thank you for this Question!

A year ago, I could just explode all over the place and I could lie to people that I am hangover or having a fever yet nothing was wrong!

It’s the deep pain from underneath that starts and throws me off. I have only experienced this in his presence so that it is why i did not assume that I was crazy experiencing this!

As I have learned to ground myself, I am getting better at it but the pain still hurts. I wonder if this happens if he misses me.

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I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Thank You so much for the Reviews!

I appreciate your love and support.

Stay in Love!

Thank you so much much for relating! You have no idea! ❤️☀️

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