What does it mean when you are no longer obsessing about contacting your Twin Flame anymore?

Good news for you my friend. Congratulations! You have managed to heal yourself and on the road to total recovery.

You know that you are doing great when all the pull, stress and intensity of obsessing with your twin wears off. It’s like a weight is lifted and finally you can now see and understand who you are. Twin Flame Self-Love: Energy Healing Practices

You get to realize that your Twin is as human as you are and they also need you, love you and miss you as you do. This balances the playing field of the emotional turbulence.

It is beautiful getting here. I just spread my wings and let go of my stress. This is the first step to endless bliss and inner freedom.

It is not all that great though.

The Love in your heart will intensify and if you are not grounded in yourself, you may run.

I have been trying to run from the fact that it is now clear that he loves me. I feel so scared of accepting this. These past few days, I have been trying to shut him out of my heart and mind but I am already consumed by essence.

What is really upsetting me is the fact that I don’t obsess over him anymore but now I can not stop feeling him.

I have also started pretending in my mind that he loves his Karmic more than he loves me but it is also my way of running and trying to push him away.

How come that I don’t obsess over him anymore but the pull in my heart is so strong. It’s like he knows that I am trying to run from him.

I have occupied my life with more work projects but I still get distracted by the pull. It’s like my twin is merging still with me in energy.

Are you new to this Experience of Twin Flames? Here is a very simple read for inspiration and a fresh perspective. Twin Flame Awakening: A Simple Guide for Newbies

Thank you so much for this question.


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