Have you expressed your deepest feelings to your unawakened Twin Flame? How did it go?

It was a Nightmare.

I had the shock of my life when after I spilled all my guts out and he said; “I think we should not talk anymore”.

We went from honeymoon to what the hell?

I got so much more confused after this. I questioned how I was feeling, I felt misunderstood, I felt like he was shutting the door in my face. I thought that we had our own secret code for friendship.

He never regretted who we are to each other but he was afraid of what I was talking about. He did not even get a chance to empathize or absorb my message. He took the next door out.

I thought that was the end of us. I even distorted that mental image of us but then my heart started racing. My mind was giving up but my heart was Awakened!

I started feeling the connection stronger than before once we fought over this.

I went through a phase of hurting and healing at the same time. I chased, Surrendered and just found my own personal power in myself.

It’s been two years since then.

Thanks for this question.

Are you new to this Twin Flame Experience and you are looking for some inspiration or a fresh perspective for your Journey?

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