Signs of healing after Lessons of Separation from your Twin Flame Twin Flame.

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At some point on your Spiritual Journey, you will start to recognise the Authentic You rising from within yourself. This happens after you have shed all the pain, emotional dirt, fear, personal insecurities and many more dirty emotions.

It is vital for you to recognise the signs of recovery so that you can keep doing the great Soul work.

1. You stop obsessing about your Twin Flame partner.

I remember the days I used to hate life because I was missing the half of my Soul at the beginning of physical separation. I was so obsessed with thinking negative thoughts of separation and fear. After two years of hard working, I am so happy with the person that I have become.

I used to chase him every time I missed him; if not with my mind, it was my thoughts, emotions and actions. I do still think of him every single day but I feel free to be myself. I love him as the first time but I don’t have that neediness to reach out to him or stalk his social media.

2. You have no Fear.Lakeside_ A Love Story

I was so full of fear especially before I started this Twin Flame Journey. I was afraid of being loved, I had a fear of not being good enough, the fear of not fitting in, fear of what others though of me. So many little fears were eating at my thoughts every day.

Now that I feel healed, I feel complete and grounded in my own Truth and Faith. This experience has grounded my faith in unconditional Love, and the Trust that everything will be alright.

3. Self-love is natural to you.

Unlike before when I was investing all my energy in chasing my Twin Flame, I took back all this energy towards my self-growth.

With Self-love, the process of this experience is exciting and I put myself first. I treat myself better and I have respect for myself, my twin and the connection.

Enjoy the beauty of recovery.

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