What do you say about Twin Flames who are married? Is there a shortcut to Union?

There is a short path to union? – It is very difficult juggling marriage life with this twin flame experience.

I was also married for 5 years before I met my Twin and he found me in my marriage as a guest in my house.

It was a confusing time for me because I thought that I loved my husband, but I guess there is many ways of love. I kept asking myself, can it be possible to love two people at the same time?

I separated from my twin after three weeks and then it hit me that I loved him in another kind of special way! I have been through so much pain chasing him.

My life turned upside down; my marriage, work life, friends, family relationships etc

I am single after two years of Change. I Desire no one but my twin and I had to experience every step of this transformation on my own.

My advice, if you are happy in your marriage, stay and live your life but you must keep your loyalty to your marriage.

If you want change; do it on your own without dragging your Twin in it. My Twin was feeling guilty for making me feel this love that I wanted to change my life for us. It’s partly why he is ghosting me.

And it is easy to hide behind the marriage but Light in this Journey is so strong that it shines on everything. Everything comes to light. Your deepest fears, insecurities and pain.

You are so strong that one day after you have settled in harmony within yourself, you will realize that you can do anything.

Stay in Love!

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