Can one or both Twin Flames Change timelines for reunion as a result of their thoughts or is reunion predestined regardless?

I believe that no matter how much resistance we have in ourselves towards Union, this whole Twin Flame process is destined to unite the two souls in love once they both Awaken to unconditional love within themselves.

The way we can not control Surrender, healing and the connection is the way we can not control the process of the final Union — Runner Perspective.

Everything that happens to me every day since I started the Twin Flame Journey is out of my control but once I just flow with the process, and not stress about it even if I don’t understand what is happening, I get positive results and inner healing — Soul Growth Inspirations.

It all comes back to letting the process and the connection consume you without thinking of it and there is no hard work involved to get your Twin partner ready. They will be ready when their process is ready once the pain of physical separation has healed.

Forget timelines and how we humanly control time, the twin flame process has its own unique kind of timing and no one knows how it works exactly. Keep Surrendering to Self-Love.

I hope this answer helps you with your question.

Thank you for your question. I wish you the best of luck on your Journey.

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