What are the signs that a Twin Flame Runner is starting to awaken apart from being afraid?

When I was in chase mode, I felt so burdened by the connection because I felt like it was only me acknowledging the experience — Runner Perspective.

But when my Twin Flame woke up on the other end of our connection, my energy automatically felt lighter in me. I could feel both of us holding our ends of the connection. Twin Flame Awakening — This changed the whole dynamic of our connection and the energy share.

Once I got exhausted from stressing about fixing the relationship and always worrying if I am connected to him or not, I felt free within myself to let go of the control, I Surrendered to Self-Love. My dreams changed, I started to merge energetically with my twin and I could feel him his presence constantly whether I am awake or asleep.

Because I can feel my Twin being responsible for his own energy, it is harmonious in our energetic relationship. I am constantly having thoughts of Union instead of having the thoughts of fear and separation like at the beginning of understanding a Twin Flame Connection. The pain of physical separation finally heals, and once you Manage the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame — the Twin Flames will realize that they have never been separated at all!

Lastly, he got in touch.

I had left him six pages of my awakening story and the experience. I left him book lists to read so that it can help him with change and I finally Surrendered. When he woke up, he mentioned that he was also reading books from the list.

But before I heard about his end of life, I already felt it in energy that he was awake — Our combined energy gets better as I focus on Positive Affirmations & Soul Growth Inspirations.

Thank you for this question.

I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

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