Why is it important to love yourself before you come into Union with your Twin Flame?

I will give all the credit to my answer here to my physical separation from my Twin Flame. I did not know that I was so emotionally needy and very insecure in myself before until I met my Twin Flame.

I harassed the guy when I was chasing him because I thought that my Self-Love was in him. It’s like without him I was a nobody which is not true!

I glimpsed love in its purest form and then it was taken away from me abruptly without warning and this brought so much pain to me. This pain caused me to look so deep in myself to clean out all the fear of being alone. And the fear of not being good enough had to be cleaned out of my system once I Awakened to Twin Flame love.

Now that I look back, I needed that space between my Twin Flame and me when we separated. I needed to feel that emptiness in me so that I can fill it with love. This love came from within myself and not from my Twin.

The more I acknowledged myself and worked towards purifying my soul, the more I filled myself with Self Love and Soul Growth Inspirations.

Honestly, I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with the “Chaser” version of me. That girl was so full of fear that my twin reflects back at me — I completely Surrendered to this Twin Flame experience.

It is vital for both twins to completely and fully love themselves so that your love can just overflow towards each other naturally.Foodies' Vocabulary (10)

You are two complete parts of a whole — The Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

Thank you for the question.

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