In the Twin Flame relationship, is it possible for Telepathy to occur in the runner?

Always. If you have been a chaser Twin Flame, you know that you still connect and feel your Twin Flame Runner even if they don’t want to talk to you.

For me, I was constantly having the mind chatter and, I could have double heartbeats and his essence embraced me in my darkest days when I was purging my pain especially at the beginning of the Twin Flame Awakening.

He could say that he did not want to talk to me because I made him feel uncomfortable but I could converse with him in my head as if he is around physically.

Because of his constant energy presence, it was difficult to Surrender because I wanted to talk to him to confirm if what I was feeling is what he is feeling.

Since the first day we met, my dreams are filled with him every night for these two years. Surrender.

From a chaser’s point of view, yes the runner can feel the telepathy whether they know it or not. It would be crazy if it was only happening on one side of the connection – during the pain of physical separation from my Twin Flame. A connection needs two people for it to be complete.

Thank you for this question. ❤️

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