In a twin flame relationship, the aim is to heal yourself and; love unconditionally, learn to live without them, whether you’re with them or not. Why does the universe not let you forget them, and give you signs and synchronicities when not in a union?

This has been my greatest challenge also. I have asked myself this question endlessly to myself for two years of being physical separation from my Twin Flame.

I have for sure healed and I love myself but still, I think of him every day as if it was yesterday when I last saw him — Self-Love.

These days, I am so used to finding him in my dreams, it’s like we share the same mind and heart. From the Runner perspective — What I love about loving myself is that I feel so amazing and I treat myself so much better than before.

I pace myself when I start to do anything, I breathe when I am stressed, I dress better, I sleep better, I eat better, I exercise, I meditate, I read, I laugh even if I am alone and I respect myself — I have found Soul Growth Inspirations.

I used to struggle every day before my I met my Twin to show myself just any of those things I just listed – Surrender – has brought to me so much peace.

Thank you to the Twin Flame Experience for bringing me back to myself; I missed embracing the child in me.

Food tastes better these days and I cannot explain to you the beauty I feel.


Thank you for asking this.

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