Why is the Twin Flame runner happy in a karmic relationship, whilst the chaser miserable, surely they should remain single if their purpose is to make you grow?

You are such a chaser! I have been here and yes I wondered about this too but imagine the pain and confusion that your runner Twin partner is feeling right now!

Being with someone else in a relationship as you Awaken to the Twin Flame Process is not easy. It’s like you are living two realities at the same time. Soul Growth Inspirations.

I was married when my Twin Found Me and I felt like I was wearing a mask every time I was in a group of people or with my husband.

The sex dies; your body just craves so much more than just the physical contact with your Twin Flame; your Spirit calls you to find your authentic self. Physical separation from your Twin Flame can be the most emotionally painful experience ever!

I stopped cooking because I lost interest in eating food myself, also I became picky at my food. I lost interest in our mutual friends with my husband and my Twin changed the meaning of relationships for me — Twin Flame Runner Perspective.

The Twin Flame Experience is purely spiritual, you just want quiet and to be alone busking in Self-Love.

Imagine if somebody is hiding behind a new relationship, the would be so hectic.

Thank for the question. Surrender

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