Are Twin Flames meant to be together in this Life?

Does the physical situation really matter? Feeling the healing power within myself and the beauty of this rare experience, for me it is enough — Twin Flame Awakening — uniting with my Twin partner now or in another life is just icing on the cake.

My Spirit Woke up and is renewed and replenished. I feel so complete and full of life that I want to spend the rest of my life doing something meaningful. Surrender.

If my Twin Flame joins me and we can do this mission together, great! But I am not looking forward to the stress of being in a physical relationship with someone I love more than myself.

I have had enough physical relationships in this lifetime and I have had my lessons learned. The pain of physical separation. What this Twin Flame experience has blessed me with is the most beautiful gift a person can ever receive.

I found myself again. Self-Love.

Yes I want to be with my Twin Flame but I don’t know if we are ever gonna end up together in this lifetime and I am content and full of trust — I will keep going with my Soul Growth Inspirations.

I hope this helps.

Stay in Love!

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