Twin Flames: . Has anyone gone through separation not getting validation but know in your heart your counterpart knows?

This is what the Twin Flame physical separation is all about — it is all about Testing that core love in you-you must be able to trust what you feel.

I think that separation teaches us many lessons of Self-Love but it also tests our faith in the connection and the process.

It is amazing feeling your own truth in you, that inner knowing that no matter what happens between the two of you, you are still connected at heart — Positive Affirmations & Soul Growth Inspirations.

For me, this inner knowing has comforted me in times of pain because I knew that it is real. What I feel is real and the connection is within me.

It’s beautiful feeling this, it makes separation easier and your process of learning is more bearable when you Surrender.

This is when you know that you are experiencing the real Twin Flame Awakening Experience.

Thank you for this question.

Stay in Love!

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