Do Twin Flame runners try and find someone who looks like their own Twin Flamer but with less intensity?

It’s tormenting meeting someone who is almost like your Twin but not entirely the real deal —Twin Flame Awakening — You want them to feel like a replacement of your actual Twin Flame but it only hurts every time you see this person.

It is not the intensity that scared Twin Flame Runner, rather it is the runner’s weaknesses and core fears that make them run in the first place. It has nothing to do with the love or the Partner.

When in physical separation from your Twin Flame, all that they crave is the Authenticity of their Twin Flame, no one can fill them up with that.

Away from being with the Twin partner, all the runner sees are signs of the connection but the pain within them makes them feel irritated by their Twin partner. It is until there is Surrender To Self-Love that the Twin Flame finds peace.

Everywhere the runner turns, there is signs pointing them at their awakening and their real Twin Partner — Surrender.

How the chaser feels is how the runner feels and the only difference is just a matter of perspective. Focus on your Soul Growth Inspirations.

Stay in Love!

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