If you are in Union, what do you wish you could tell Twin Flames?

Come on everyone, stop it! This experience is Sacred, Divine and about Spiritual Love.

Before I say anything, every true Twin Flame who is truly experiencing this journey knows that this experience is a Gift, even the pain you feel is a gift because you start to live again. You are AWAKE and Alive!

Why the complaining and all these expectations about physical Union?

There is no Phase for Union, the way you have already realized that there is no actual phase for Surrender neither is there a Timer with Divine Timing nor is there a specific time to fall in love.

Yes, it is understandable about all the frustrations of not being with your Twin Flame but so what?

This is not about the physical situation or the circumstances; True Twin Flames know that you can Channel your Twin energy and not feel separated at all in separation. Any time anywhere. Your connection to your Twin is do fulfilling.

The union is within yourself, your Twin Flame is just a Catalyst to that Union but who you become is magical, it’s beyond heaven. It’s beyond beautiful and it is the most amazing feeling you will ever embody. It is more beautiful than love. Surrender.

The Twin Flame Experience brings you all this without you asking for it.

Also, people, if you are separated from your Twin, you know in your gut that you are not. There is no separation for real Twin Flames.

If you badly want to see your Twin, take a bus to their doorstep and talk this thing through like normal people.

Even if your True Twin Flame is mad at you, you know deep down they want Peace and Harmony with you because you are them. They are you.

You may not be the right relationship material for your Twin but you will still go through the process of this experience.

You want to have a beer with your Twin and mend things up, call them. They will not pick up go to them, find them and talk through this thing.

If this is not possible, Face it. Toughen out and get down into the Twin Flame mud and do your Soul Work — Soul Growth Inspirations.

You will not care about Union once you start re-discovering yourself. I promise.

Stay in Love!

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