Is it considered adultery if you’re physically intimate with your twin flame when you both are married?


From my experience and perspective, yes it is adultery. You both are still having soul contracts with other people and this Twin Flame Awakening Experience is about Truth and unconditional love for Everyone.

It is not Selfish or discriminating. The essence of this Journey is the Spirituality that comes with it.

I know how you feel, it is so convenient meeting your Twin Flame when you are just getting out of a bad marriage or when your Twin finds you in situations where your marriage is in bad shape.

I was married for almost 5 years and I just wanted to run into his arms because of the feeling of home and comfort.

Deep down I knew that it was unfair to my then husband if I mistreated him in any way because of my connection. I also knew that my Twin would never be happy with me if I cheated on my marriage.

Most of all, I did not want my Twin Flame to feel guilty for loving me in case I left my marriage in a negative way.

I also put myself in my husband’s shoes. He is not perfect but he had taken care of me all this time before my Twin came into the picture.

I am also grateful that my marriage experience prepared me for the unconditional love from my Twin Flame. My previous life gave me a Contrast to the experience.

This happened two years ago! —the pain of physical separation from your Twin Flame.

I am now healed, without the presence of my Twin but my ex-husband has still been around. We live together, work together still and I had to transform my life upside down with him in the picture.

I found Self-Love.

Things do not just magically fix themselves once you encounter your Twin Flame. Even if it’s marriage, you will have to sort your daily life out but at the same time experience the Twin Flame Journey —

The way you make contracts with the people in your life is the way you will have to undo your relationships and Karmic to be that person who is authentic to be in your Twin Soul Union.

I have experienced this process alone, even my ex-husband has never had an idea of what I go through every day. We are now Housemates.

It is strange that my Twin Flame is friends with my ex-husband and he did not want me to drift off after I divorced my husband.

So what he did, he cut my communication off with him and kept in touch with my ex. He knows that I will easily get the information but also I would rather be under the care of a mutual friend than some stranger. He broods over our Connection. I love it!

Anyways, all these two years, he has been communicating through my ex and they are friends. My ex-husband is also one of my best friends now.

I needed a friend on this journey, and I have had to learn so many lessons in Contrast to my Husband’s behaviors towards me. I have had to unlearn all that I had learned with him.

At first, I wanted to leave my ex so that I can start a new life but my life lessons have been around our relationship, friends, work and family.

Before my Twin and I separated two years ago, he said to me; “You know that I will always be on my friend’s side right?”

He wanted me to understand that no matter how special our connection is, he respects his friend and he will never do anything to cause harm.

Thank you for this question.

Stay in Love!

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