Why does my heart get this warm nervous feeling when I think of my Twin Flame?

I feel balanced within myself, and I can also feel my Twin Flame feeling energetically balanced within themselves such that we are both able to keep a harmonious energetic relationship constantly.
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My heart heats up. Lately, my friends are assuming that something is wrong with my heart because I hold the left side of my heart when the feeling is too intense. Most people who are close to me think I have a heart condition but I wish they know that I am only “Love-Sick”.


Once you are in energetic alignment with your Twin Flame, you are no longer yourself. You feel half of you is taken over by your Twin Flame, your body, mind, and Soul.

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  • You start to understand the meaning of the word “We”. Even in your thoughts, you start to think together, you contemplate your thoughts as if you are having a discussion with your Twin Flame.

Two days ago, my heart was feeling this warm sensation, and at the same time I was feeling my Twin Flame’s intense pain. I prayed to my Twin Flame to make it stop but it lasted all day!

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That was distinctly his heartache.

Now that I am completely my Authentic Self; I feel every inch of my Twin Flame’s feelings in the Connection. It hurts a little bit. I am assuming that my Twin Flame has a lot of pain within himself.

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He is also very much afraid of the fact that the connection that we have opens him up without control. He is afraid that I will find out about his past life, he says that finding me makes him disarmed.

I thought that he was running from me because I was married to his friend; apparently his past haunts him.

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For me, I want the present him. ❤️✨


I wish you the best of Luck and Blessings on your Journey.

Stay in Love!

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