If you’ve had a true experience of a Twin Flame, did you both feel it? How could you tell it was undeniable?

You are a shared a Soul. There is no separation between the Two of you because you are each other. That is why no matter the stress you experience, you still love your Twin Flame to death. You can not judge your Twin Flame because it feels like you are pointing a finger at yourself.
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Yes we both feel each other but our eyes say it all. I can not hide anything from my Twin Flame because he just looks in my eyes and he gets his answer.

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I was the married one, and he was single but he could see me for me; not as a married woman or somebody else’s woman. He saw me for me.

When you are experiencing your own pain, you can confuse your own pain with your Twin Flame. But as you learn how your energy works in your Twin Flame connection, you will realize that there is a difference when you are channeling your pain or for your Twin Flame.


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He respects me and he respected my marriage but still we were both astounded by the unique strong bond that we share.

We Always look each other in the eyes. Sometimes we do not need to speak to communicate with each other. img_1001

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I have a story; one time I was very upset with my ex-husband, he could behave in ways that made me cry. I was always sad or angry.

I curled up in a corner at 5am crying softly in my room because everyone else was asleep. I could feel my Twin Flame in my heart but I did not know about the Twin Flame Experience. After 30 minutes of utter sadness, I got up and my Twin Flame was behind the door the whole time! I thought he was asleep in the other room but he jumped up when I opened the door and he ran back to his room.

One you fully merge, there will be no distinction between your pain. You will have a shared Twin Flame healed energy and it will feel like you and your Twin Flame are ONE SINGLE ENERGETIC UNIT.

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We also just anticipate each other’s feelings and emotions. We do things for each other in support of growth.


Apart from feeling the connection and the strong bond, you also say things to each other that affirm your connection. My Twin Flame kept telling me; “I can not resist you”, “I trust you”, I appreciate you”, “I miss you”. We could speak to each other with words too.


You both just feel the special bond and it undeniable.

I hope this helps.


Thank you for the reads, and the reviews!


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