Do Twin Flames like each other’s Aura at first meeting?

Lol. Who does not like their Twin Flame’s aura? — From my experience, it was different — Twin Flame Awakening.

Come on, it’s their essence that is beautiful, their presence is magical.

I miss everything about him. I took him for granted because I was married, and I wish I had more time to Learn about this Twin Flame Experience.

Look, I am learning about this experience as I go but I have tried EVERYTHING – I even went back to Church the other day.

The Twin Flame Experience is the most disarming experience ever!

Surrender To Self-Love – I thought that I was strong, but I am not —

From my experience, You do not need to like your Twin Flame, you do not need to get along but you have to. It’s just the underlying feeling that matters.

As you keep working on your Soul Growth Inspirations — you begin to see the truth of the Twin Flame connection.

Stay in Love and Surrender – to the unconditional Love in your heart.

Thank you for the question. Stay Blessed!

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