What is the best advice that you can give to a Twin Flame runner?

It is very overwhelming experiencing all these Twin Flame feelings at once and yet life still goes on normally no matter how much effort you put in to forget and move on with life.

Thinking about him/her does not stop, and I know that you also feel your divine beloved within yourself especially during down town.

You have tried every way you can to forget, you wish sometimes you never encountered your Twin Flame because life seems much more complicated and confusing than before.

Countless times you want to reach out and plead your case but you have no simple words to explain how much of the intensity that feel inside. You want to explode.

The Fear within you is telling you that once you initiated the Separation, the love no longer exists but that is not true. Your Twin Flame is still that amazing being that you once knew.

Your Twin Flame Chase is Experiencing what you are experiencing as well and if you asked them, they will say that I have had it worse than you are having it right now.

It is also very difficult for them to move on from you as you are struggling with it as well.

No matter how difficult it is to stay away from your Chaser Twin Flame, you must first face your pain and anything that is out of balance in your life. Starting with old relationships and ties that do not help you with your Spiritual Growth.

You do not want to bring more chaos and confusion into your Twin Flame’s life, work on yourself.

You are always looking for affirmation if your chaser Twin still loves you, yes they do! Always.

You are always connected as one soul.

Lastly, your chaser Twin Flame feels your joys and your pains, when thinking of them send love not sorrow. Send happiness not sadness, you both can feed off each other’s energy either for the best or the worst.

Can you feel your Twin Flame Chaser Love in Yourself? It keeps growing and you are hit by images of their face and the sound of their laughter. You remember their smile and it makes you happy, keep the good memories with you everywhere you go! Feel comforted by your Twin Flame Energy.

Yes Runners experience Telepathy. The Astral touches, kisses and hugs.

There is a free sample for my Runner experience if you are interested in an easy Read.

I hope my answer helps.

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