How does a twin flame runner feel when the chaser is constantly thinking of them? Do they receive telepathic messages and know they are from the chaser?

Yes. Don’t you feel your Runner Twin Flame too?

We both feel each other, we used to text each other all the time almost at the same time before we separated. HOW TO MANAGE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION: A Guide For Recovery & Healing eBook: Silvia Moon: Kindle Store

The first time we separated for 24hours, we could feel each other and everything we texted was in form of feelings. We could feel each other.

Even after being in physical Separation for two years, I feel him like I felt him then. I feel his essence and his aura comforts me.

I don’t need to be surrounded by many people to feel safe, I feel safe already with my Twin Flame energy.

Even when I ran from him, I still feel him. Every single day.

I feel sensations of him, I feel his love for me and I sometimes get visions of him. This is because I am also constantly thinking of him and loving him in my heart.

How To Surrender to Self-Love: BEGINNER TWIN FLAME GUIDE 11:11 – Kindle edition by Silvia Moon. Religion & Spirituality Kindle eBooks @

If you are interested in an easy Read, here is more of my Running experience.

I wish you Blessings & Love.

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