Is it wrong to tell your Twin Flame the events that happened in your life even when you are in separation?

I kept writing long letters to my Twin Flame just explaining my journey and the events that were occurring.

You can not keep a secret from your Twin Flame because you share the same Soul. The moment you look in each other’s eyes, you know what they mean before your Twin Flame says anything.
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This taught me unconditional love in return because deep down my main intent was to help my Twin Flame with his journey. HOW TO MANAGE TWIN FLAME SEPARATION: A Guide For Recovery & Healing eBook: Silvia Moon: Kindle Store

Once you physically Separate from your Twin Flame, you are surprised at your response. Fear of being alone can drive you into Separation Anxiety.

We have never discussed the idea of being Twin Flames but I hoped that he could relate to some of the experiences in my Twin Flame Process to help with his healing.

Every time I wrote these long letters, it accelerated my healing and it was also my way of keeping him updated.

It worked!

Sometimes you feel like you have found healing, and other days feel like you have not made any progress at all. Keep up with the good work, no progress is a lot of progress on the Twin Flame Journey. Believe in your Spiritual Process.

He never responded to me directly but he could get in touch with our mutual friend through texts and calls to update about his life. Most of my tips worked for him too.

Change how you think of your Situation, and the results will change too!

My advice, send love to your Twin Flame, send healing and encouragement. Your Twin Flame needs support as much as you do.

Stay Blessed!

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