My Twin flame can’t leave his marriage but still want to see me. I’m emotionally drained, should I block our communication and move on?

As a Twin Flame who was married before, I can relate.

Keep moving forward even if you feel stagnant on your journey. Keep the faith, the hope, the big vision of your life, and keep working towards moving all the blocks that seem to be getting in the way of your soul growth. 
Sometimes you will get lucky to have a day full of constant bliss, and some days will feel like you are in limbo. Don’t judge yourself for any of these days, just focus on having a better day today than yesterday. This should be your overall goal.

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At first when my Twin Flame found me, it was all confusing to both of us but we knew for sure that we had been looking for each other in many lifetimes.

But we also knew that if I did anything outside my marriage with my Twin Flame, it would be cheating.

My Twin Flame did his best not to lead me on since I was a married woman, but we are so strongly bonded that we found each other attracted together. We always wanted to sit together, eat together, do everything together.

As the married one, I wanted to be with my Twin Flame 1000% but I was afraid of the outcomes if I changed my life.

I had never thought about of a life after my marriage, my marriage was not perfect but somehow I thought that it would get better as we grow older with my husband. Besides, we were both not interested in raising a family.

Then my Twin Flame walked into my life and suddenly I could picture us having kids, I could see us living the rest of our lives sharing this beautiful love with the rest of the world. Suddenly life started to feel exciting, bigger and with endless possibilities. I was bursting with Life and I was exploding with so much passion.

After we physically separated because we are from two different geographical locations, part of me wanted to let him go. I was afraid of the difficult changes I would have to experience and I was not sure if life would work out anyways.

The other half of me wanted to run from my old life to go be with my Twin Flame. My marriage needed fixing, I was working with my then husband, our finances, and all our families and friends were intertwined after 5 years of being married.

Deep down, my heart was beating for him. I wanted nothing more but to be comforted by his embrace.

I had no idea what Twin Flames were then.

I had to tell him about my confusion and my intense feelings for him.

It sounded wrong to him that I was still married but I wanted to be with him; he said that it was best for everybody if we did not talk to each other. My Twin Flame is also friends with my ex-husband now.

At first when he said this, I cried, and I went into sadness for 6 months, it has been two years now and it is the best thing someone has ever said to me yet I did not want to hear it then.

I haven’t spoken to him in 2 years but I love him forever and it gets stronger every single day.

Him shutting me out broke me down but I had the opportunity to grow strong on my own. Life became worse then it got better.

I have changed my life, I divorced, changed my work, my friends and family relationships changed.

I learned to embrace a life of solitude, and peace.

If my Twin Flame had not been firm with me, my life would be so much more chaotic than before. I would have brought so much more pain to anyone who was in my life then. I would have made this Twin Flame experience everyone’s business.

The Twin Flame Journey happens from within yourself. It will also happen to your Twin Flame individually but please remember that you are your Twin Flame’s anchor.

It gets complicated when the Twin Flame Experience finds you married but it is part of your Soul lessons to grow out of anything that would tie you down not to experience love.

Do not let him run away from his pain by hiding behind your connection.

My advice, it is your Twin Flame that needs your help. Face this situation together to heal.

You are him, help him to finish his karmic debts.

I hope this helps.

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