Can the twin flame runner think they are the actual “chaser” and is more spiritual and the first one awakened than their chaser?

twin flame reunion signs (24)This experience of meeting the other half of my soul left me breathless, and I was filled with total bliss every day. Apart from embodying feelings of joy, and happiness, I was also tormented by many questions within myself. I did not understand why meeting my Twin Flame was different from all the people that I have encountered before.

Twin Flame runners feel the love from the Twin Flame Chaser. It is true that we feel the connection and sometimes strongly more than our Chaser counterparts. Check out the Runner Perspective.

Twin Flame Awakening 11_11 (4)

My greatest realisation from recovery and healing after two years, I have been the one running from the connection. I have been re-reading our previous text messages before I sabotaged our connection, and I sparked the separation because I was afraid of being loved unconditionally.

How to Surrender to Self-Love: Practical Practices – Self-HelpThe last Sea Spray (3)

My heart is radiating with so much love for my Twin Flame and I can feel his love in the connection. This time is giving me moments of reflection on my Twin Flame Journey and the lessons learned.

How to Manage Twin Flame Separation: Recovery and Healing.


After realising that I have been the runner all along, I am panicking because I do not know how to go about the situation because I have been experiencing this Twin Flame journey thinking I was the chaser.

what do you do after this realisation?



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Stay in Love!

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