I told my twin flame I loved him and sent him a poem. He unfriended me and blocked my number. I private called him and asked him why and he said he didn’t know. What does this mean?

I have been there!


For us, I messaged him that I love him and all that stuff, he blocked me. When I called him, he picked up eventually but he said that he had to drink some wine first, he laughed at his statement but I could sense the nervousness in his voice. img_0872

The pain that you are experiencing is your own to be cleansed. Be brave and dive into your pain. Be open to experience it and not hide or run from it. The more you run from your pain, the more you will feel blocked and separated from the connection with your Twin. Healing is for everyone but it is your choice to work on yourself. It is only a matter of choice to embark on healing yourself to get rid of your pain.

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He did not want to hang up and he lingered with the silence until he hang up. I could feel his love though, he was so tormented by our connection.

twin flame reunion signs (21)

It’s been two years and that was the end of our direct communication.

As time has gone on, I have learned that the Truth is that my Twin Flame was overwhelmed by our connection too like I was. I make him nervous and he feels powerless and disarmed by me.

The Twin Flame Runner Experience: We feel each other as Twin Flames in Separation. img_0581

Worry not, your Twin Flame loves you back and it is good to always let them know how much you love them.

Ask yourself; If you were in your Twin Flame’s position, wouldn’t you want someone to always send to you love unconditionally especially in the dark times?

This journey is not about your Twin Soul or their behaviour – You are only responsible for yourself. Be ready to cleanse your Soul so that you can grow spiritually. The Twin Flame Journey is a spiritual journey and it has nothing to do with your physical Twin partner. It is about you and your end of the connection. Focus on you and not chasing your Twin. The more ready you are, the more you Twin will Connection with you harmoniously Love to be one single energetic unit vibrating in unconditional love.

twin flame reunion signs (25)Practical Easy Ways To Surrender to Self-Love

Keep the love flowing towards your Twin Flame, love yourself too!

Stay Blessed.

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