I have been feeling my twin flame energy a lot lately – we are not in contact anymore. How do I stop this?

Embrace the energy, it will become a natural part of you that every time you feel your Twin Flame, you let the energy pass through you.

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I started to lament on union within myself because I was tired of feeling separated from my Twin Flame. I wanted to feel complete the way my Twin Flame makes me feel. So I chose to affirm to myself that I am ready to open myself up to the unconditional love from my Twin Flame. When I did this, I completely shifted my energy out of the feeling of luck and separation.


A lesson I learned about energy from this Twin Flame experience is that you keep channeling your Twin Flame energy every moment and as you heal, you feel like your Twin Flame is sitting inside you.

From my experience, Twin Flame Union is about growing the inner strength to embody and hold your Twin Flame combined shared energy.

As you progress on the journey of being a Twin Flame, you will realize that both your energies grow and merge together. This feels completely different from how you are feeling the energy right now. Instead, you feel like you are your Twin Flame in essence, you feel as one in thoughts and essence.

As you merge more in energy, you stop obsessing over missing your Twin Flame because you feel them from within you.

You are challenged to become your best self when you feel connected to your Twin Flame. You want to genuinely give your Authentic Self to this person. You open up your heart, your world, your mind, and your soul to them without thinking about it. You love yourself the best in this moment of meeting your Twin.

Feeling your Twin Flame’s energy never stops, you only grow stronger to harmoniously balance your Shared energy.

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Stay Blessed!

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