How do Twin Flame’s Higher Selves Communicate with us?

It is until after I healed within myself that I started to realise the difference between my higher self self and his higher self.

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Fun facts:

 This journey is not about your Twin Soul or their behaviour – You are only responsible for yourself. Be ready to cleanse your Soul so that you can grow spiritually. The Twin Flame Journey is a spiritual journey and it has nothing to do with your physical Twin partner. It is about you and your end of the connection. Focus on you and not chasing your Twin. The more ready you are, the more your Twin Flame will Connect with you harmoniously Love to be one single energetic unit vibrating in unconditional love.

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You are already familiar with your twin’s higher self. This is the reason you feel like you know your twin so deeply even if you are total strangers. Our higher selves are already One.

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You are full of love and light. Don’t be Afraid to Shine.

That is why Union starts from within. You must acknowledge that you are one in soul by accepting yourself first unconditionally. You are the other half of the puzzle.

Union starts way before You physically unite and energy is always merging everyday as our souls pull towards each other.

Here are some examples of how I now know my Twin’s higher self from my experience.

No matter how far physical separation has taken you from each other; your Twin is always with you. That is why you believe the connection no matter what is happening on the outside. Just love your process; there is no way to see ahead. Just enjoy the ride and believe that amazing things are ahead of you.

When we were physically together, we could communicate without saying a word. This is because if felt like we were vibrating at a different frequency away from everyone else.

Most of these moments, our higher selves were at play. We could anticipate each other’s needs and reach each other’s thoughts.

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When we separated; my intuition took over. My fears blinded me and I was so full of pain. I was constantly in my mind just thinking of creative ways to be with him so I kept chasing him.

I worked on my insecurities and fears and suddenly his Higher self is back in telepathy. The way we could speak without saying a word is how I understand and feel him. It’s like he is physically here yet it’s been two years.

After I healed and the more I work in feeling united from within, the more I feel his essence so alive in me. The side of him in me is awake.

The mind chatter and memories of us keep flooding my daily thoughts and I am more empathetic towards him than when I was chasing him.

Your Twin’s higher self is in his essence and the warm comfort and embrace that you feel especially on your loneliest days.

Stay in Love!

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