How likely is one to actually find their twin flame if most people don’t ever leave the town in which they were born?

It was my Twin Flame’s first time to leave his Continent to visit a third world country. He did not even intend to stay long, he had planned to only stay for ten days.

A year before this, I visited his country and we had plans to visit him with my now ex-husband but when the time came to have lunch with him, I was so exhausted from the trip that I chose to stay at the hotel.

A year later, he was so frustrated with his life situation and he needed to have a fresh perspective so he decided to visit my home country. He had so many biases about people who live in third world countries. Before he arrived, he had done his research about almost everything because he had very low expectations.

He did not make plans for his short vacation, he was ready to leave if things did not work out for him.

Then he found me!

He did not expect me to be the person that I am. He was amazed by the fact that we both share the same passions in Life, my future plans are in alignment with his and he could not understand why he was so attracted to me.

After a few days of meeting me, he said; “I can not resist you, I can do anything for you.”

I did not change when I met my Twin Flame, I was my true authentic self to him as he is very authentic with me. I just did simple things for him, and I also taught him simple life lessons as he taught me. Our brief time together was all about learning about empathy, loving other people, caring for strangers, how to handle finances, how to keep happy, etc.

The way I take care of my Twin Flame is simple and special, I love bringing comfort to him and I am always ready to protect him. He was amazed that I did all these beautiful things for him yet we did not know each other. My Twin Flame kept asking my then husband if I was being a good hostess but my husband admitted to him that this is who I am.

I could see that I made him happy.

When we first met, he was sad because of so many things, and he had just broken up with his girlfriend. His eyes had a kind of sadness to them. He stayed longer than 10 days, and by the end of 3 weeks, I transformed my Twin Flame and he did not want to go back to his home.

Love will find you wherever you are when you least expect it and once it does, you will know for sure that it is the kind of True Love that you have been looking for in all those people that you have dated before.


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