We are in the state of separation but she is around and sends me some texts. She ran and ended this but she starts the good morning or good night. Should I start any texts from time to time too?

This is exactly what I did to my Twin Flame, I initiated separation and I suggested to hide from him. He said, okay it is best if we do not talk then. I was shocked by his response and I realized that I had messed up. I panicked and started to apologize to him and the more I did this, he ran further from me. I was hurting so much and I regretted my actions of separation. I missed him terribly every day since then it has been two years.

I apologized endlessly to him, I texted, called and wrote long letters to him but he never said a word back.

The last time I wrote to him, I thanked him for not talking to me because it allowed me space to reevaluate my life and also grow from my past mistakes.

I learned to forgive myself and I started growing strong in myself to live life without him.

If my Twin Flame contacts me right now, I will not be as eager as I was two years ago to talk to him. It’s up to him to reach out to me but I am slowly moving on.

If I was in his place, I would reach out to me just to say sorry for treating me the way that he has done for the past couple of years. I would text every once in a while to check in on my Twin Flame and I would also show forgiveness.

It is true, sometimes we realize that we have lost something valuable when it is too soon to get it back. So, if you want to talk to your Twin Flame, do it. Life is too short to play games. Follow your intuition because this Twin Flame Love is something Authentic and Unique.

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