What if your twin flame is in a karmic relationship and you are in separation? How can you work on yourself? How to be distracted from them?

It is challenging I know but once you start focusing on yourself, you learn to not obsess so much about what your Twin Flame is doing.

Once I physically separated from my Twin Flame two years ago, he could post photos of himself traveling to go visit his new girlfriend. I was so frustrated by the actions that I blocked him on social media but it did not work.

I had to find a solution, and it took me a while to quit obsessing over what he was doing.

I slowly shifted my mental focus by accepting that Life May never be how I want it to be. I accepted to have a life without the physical presence of my Twin Flame.

At first, I thought that if I detached myself from the connection, I could stop feeling him but the intensity of the connection got stronger. I was surprised by this.

You are always connected to your Twin Flame in every moment.

The fact that I could feel my Twin Flame, I started to trust the Twin Flame Journey. I immersed myself more into learning how to let go and life became better.

But still, I was constantly feeling my Twin Flame. I could try to not think of him for hours but my heart could beat so fast once thought of him came to me.

As I learned to let go of the obsessive behavior of checking in on my Twin Flame, I also learned to grow self-power to stay grounded in my own energy.

You become as strong as you learn your soul lessons. There is no specific way to ease the Twin Flame Pain, you just become strong in yourself to keep living your life.

You are strong and brave. Keep working towards growing your inner strength.

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Be Blessed and Stay in Love!

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