I suddenly feel like all I want is to move into the afterlife permanently with my twin flame and ascend. Like I no longer want 3Dimensional time. Why is this?

Me too! From my experience, it is because I feel healed and my energy feels really light in me. I am living life these days in a Spiritual form. I feel like normal everyday things do not bring any satisfaction for me.

I can completely connect with my Twin Flame effortless in my dreams, in my thoughts and emotions. I do not miss being with my Twin Flame anymore.

I am freely flowing through my life, my spirit is at peace and my Soul feels whole. I feel angelic.

I stopped tracking time and days, I just work with the flow as long as I meet my 3D responsibilities. I am no longer bothered by Fear, and I feel ready to move on to the next Chapter of my life in union with my Twin Flame.

It is true that Twin Flames are beings full of Light, I feel the light in me shining brighter every day like a beacon. My heart heats up when I feel my Twin Flame.

I used to be sexually active but after two years of experiencing the Twin Flame Journey, sex, alcohol, partying, etc do not mean anything to me. I would rather find a quiet corner and meditate to connect with my Twin Flame.

The Twin Flame Journey is a really Unique experience and there are more revelations as you Ascend higher Spiritually. Sometimes I feel like I am a Super Human. Lol.

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Thanks for the question.

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