Why are you so sure that physical union with your twin soul/flame is the expected outcome?

For us, once we found each other, we knew right away that we shall be together forever. I also believe that once we come out of this physical separation, we are going to work so hard to stay together no matter what. We knew right away from the beginning that Forever is ours.

Both my Twin Flame and me, we have both been unlucky in relationships before and once we met, we knew without a doubt that we have been searching for each other all our lives.

Being together brings healing to both of us. We get each other, and we are always working towards making each other’s life comfortable and peaceful. We take care of each other, we trust ourselves and we know that together is Home.

Halfway through my Journey, I lost sight of union and I also forgot about the promise we made to each other to find our way back when we are ready. We knew that the situation they could not allow us to be together or stay in touch. I was married to his friend two years ago.

All healing on his Twin Flame Journey is pointing me towards union with my Twin Flame. I know it in my heart that the union is soon. I feel complete and in harmony within myself, I do not obsess about my Twin Flame like at the beginning of Separation.

I have learned that we are One Soul, and after healing, Union is imminent.

I can feel my Twin Flame’s energy is ready too. We are aligned perfectly in energy; there is no more push or pull. Our hearts are radiating with Love for each other.

I have physically reorganized my life and I feel ready to have my Twin Flame in it. I am also ready to leave this life that I have always known so that I can go be with my Twin Flame. I have nothing or no one holding me back or in my way to be with my Twin Flame.

Stay Blessed!

Everything feels right!

The union is ours, I know it!


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